GETRO from Ministerios Bethania USA on Vimeo.

The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. 2 Corinthians 10:4


How are we going to establish the Kingdom of God on earth?

1) Teaching the disciples to have relationship with God.

• In every service the believers will be able to experience God’s presence.

• The objective of the cell groups is to teach the disciples to love God.

• There has to be an environment of worship at all places and moments in the Christian’s life.

2) Communion and relationship with one another.

• There should not be soulish relationships; the relationship should be based on God’s love and healthy.

• No business shall be made within the cell groups

• The influence of a leader/guide is spiritual only.

• No guide or leader should interfere in a disciple’s personal life: they have to learn to have the character of a servant of God.

• Communion, discipleship and development of each disciple so that he can grow and go even beyond his leader or guide. To have relationship and grow mutually.

• Understand that the disciples belong to Jesus, not to us.

3) Service.

• Let every disciple find an area of service in God’s kingdom, which is a privilege.

• Make sure they serve because they love the Lord not get something for themselves.

4) Share the “Gospel”

• God has given us the tools to do it.

• We have to start right now and the first step is to know the strategy: GETRO.


It is important for all the leadership that serves in the different areas of the ministry to understand the GETRO strategy, that way we will ensure that the church knows it too. We are going to synergize our efforts and aim to the same objective.

o To be an influence on others and transmit our enthusiasm.

o That every person can come to a personal commitment with God; invite people to become active members.

o To implement the GETRO Strategy 100%

The vision is clear: To establish the Kingdom.
The mission is clear: GETRO STRATEGY.
We now need to take the first step: to get organized, take action and stay focused.

What do we ask from people?

1. To attend the worship meeting
2. To get involved in a cell group
3. To get involved in an area of service
4. To share the Gospel.